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Flexible coating thickness gauges for many areas

       The handy Surfix® easy I-FN is a universally applicable coating thickness measurement gauge, which is suitable for the rough use in the production as well as in the laboratory. It allows for calibration free measurements on steel/iron and non-ferrous metals (e.g. aluminum). The measuring probes of all gauges from the Surfix® easy series have a highly wear-resistent carbide pole tip and therefore almost unlimited durability. The plastic foot is equipped with a v-groove and ensures an upright positioning even on cylindrical or curvatured surfaces. When performing difficult measuring tasks a calibration function is available. Integrated online statistics allow for an easy analysis of the gathered data.

The Surfix® easy Comes in two variants:

·  The Surfix® easy I-models are compact gauges with integrated probes, which find place in every pocket.

·  The Surfix® easy E-models have an external, firmly-attached probe, which make measurements in hard-to-reach spots possible.

       All variants provide for easy and precise coating thickness measurements: The combined gauges FN on steel and non-ferrous metals, F-types exclusive on steel. Two proven measuring principles for coating thickness measurements are being used: the magnetic and the eddy current principle (DIN EN ISO 2178 and 2360). Both principles provide high accuracy even on thin coatings on steel and non-ferrous metals. The selection of the measuring principle is made automatically when the probe is put on the surface.

Application areas

The Surfix® easy models are ideal for users, who are looking for a simple way of coating thickness measurement without giving up on statistics, a hard-wearing pole tip and quality „Made in Germany“. The gauges are used e.g. in:

·  Paint shops

·  Paint and powder-coatings

·  Repair shops and experts

·  Steel industry

·  Automotive industry

·  Ship building industry

·  Incoming goods

·  Quality management during productions

·  Final inspection

·  Laboratory



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